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What are ByLaws of the Corporation

Bylaws The bylaws of a corporation are its second-most important document. You do not file bylaws with the jurisdiction of incorporation registries office—they are an internal document that contains rules for holding corporate meetings and other formalities according to provincial corporate laws. Bylaws typically specify the frequency of regular meetings of directors and shareholders and […]

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What are articles of incorporation

The first key organizing document all small business corporations must have is their articles of incorporation. A corporation comes into existence when its articles of incorporation are filed with the jurisdiction of incorporation corporate registries office. The articles normally contain fundamental structural information, such as the name of the corporation, names, and addresses of its […]

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Why and How Do You Maintain a Corporate Minute Book?

Whether you have incorporated your corporation federally in Canada or provincially in any other jurisdiction, your existence as a corporate entity begins with the filing of your “Articles of Incorporation”. After this initial document is filed, the company can only act through its Board of Directors, usually initially appointed by the Sole Incorporator. Election of […]

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