What are the core elements
Of a Corporate Minute Book?

The core elements of the Minute Book are as follows:

Corporate Filings including the articles of incorporation, the articles of amendment and the articles of amalgamation, and annual filings;
Consents that the directors qualify and agree to be directors of the corporation;
By-laws governing all matters related to the corporation;
Subscription Agreements for each shareholder to purchase shares in the corporation ;
Shareholder Resolutions relating to all matters requiring shareholder approval, eg. the number and election of directors and any activity related to fundamental corporate changes such as a merger or sale;
Director Resolutions relating to director decisions such as the form of share certificates, the number of shares issued, employee contracts, location of company records, the appointment of officers, loans, major business decisions etc.;
Registers and Ledgers that record share ownership and all matters relating to the identity of shareholders, officers and directors; and
Material Corporate Documents including employee contracts, employee stock option plans, share transfer agreements etc, depending on what is material for the particular corporation.

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